Introduction to Online Roulette

Online roulette is one of the world-popular casino table games. If you are new to online roulette, it is important that you know the basics of the game before you begin to play. Visit for more related articles about online casino games.

Variants of Online Roulette

Before you begin, you should know the variants of roulette that you will find in most online casinos. There are three major variants of online roulette. One of these variants is the European Roulette. The European Roulette wheel features numbered pockets 1- 36 with a single zero pocket.

  1. Additionally, you should know that the numbers present in online roulette are represented with colour red and black while the zero is coloured green.
  2. Another popular variant of online roulette is the French Roulette. The French roulette is similar to the European Roulette. The only difference is that bet names in French Roulette are in french. Both the French and European Roulette has a house advantage of 2.70%.

Another popular variant of online roulette is the American Roulette. The American Roulette wheel has pockets numbered 1 - 36, but with the inclusion of the single and double zero pockets. The addition of a double zero to American Roulette increases the house advantage to 5.26%.


Online Roulette Bets

After knowing the variants of online roulette, you should also know the various type of bets that you can make when playing. There are two major types of bets. One of these is the inside bet, which requires you to stake your bet within the roulette table.

Additionally, examples of inside bets include Straight, Split, Street, etc. Another is the outside bets. Outside bets are when you stake on the additional sector of the roulette wheel. Examples of outside bet include Column Bet, Dozen, Red/Black, Odd/Even, etc. You will also come across announced bet.

How to play Online Roulette?

You should understand how to play the game before you begin. First, you should stake your bet before the game commences. In this game, you can bet on a certain number or group of numbers. To place a bet, click on the chip that represents your bet size.

Once you are done placing your bet, click the spin button. When the wheel starts spinning, a ball will be thrown in the opposite direction. After a while, the wheel comes to a halt. If the ball stop on your number, then you win. Otherwise, you lose.

Online Roulette Strategy

Even though the game of roulette is based on luck, some strategies that can help you increase your winning chances. One of these is the Martingale Strategy. This strategy tells you to double your stake each time you lose, and this continues until you have a win.

  • Another type of strategy that you can use is the Bond Strategy. This strategy requires you to choose a set your numbers and base your bet on those numbers.

Another strategy that we will recommend is the Reverse Martingale Strategy. This is the opposite of the martingale strategy. This strategy needs you to double your bet stake after every win. Also, we advise you to combine your strategy with a good money management strategy.

Tips for Benginners

If you are just getting started with online roulette, we have some tips for you. First, we recommend that you keep your stake bet low and get to learn the game properly. You can also try some free demo version of the game before playing with your real money.

Additionally, we advise that you avoid American Roulette for a start. This is because the American Roulette increases the house advantage, and this won't be a good deal for you. Also, we will recommend that you stick with outside bets as you getting to learn the game.